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More to Life Massage Therapy for:
· Wellness
· Chronic pain
· Injury
· Myofascial release
· Pregnancy
· Labour support
· Postpartum
· Infants
· Educational courses
726 Princess St. · Suite 202 · Kingston, Ontario · K7L 1G2
Tel: (613) 549-LIFE (5433)

Registered Massage Therapists
Jennifer Clarke RMT · Dyan McKeown BSc. RMT · Mathew McFarlane RMT
Karen Dombroski RMT · Dawn Kirkby RMT

 What is Massage Therapy?
Massage Therapy is a safe and natural way to remove interference from the soft tissues of the body. Many things in everyday life can cause this interference preventing the body from functioning normally. Some of the things include stress, improper posture, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), sports injuries, work-related stressors, and much more.

Using Swedish deep tissue massage techniques we can re-educate the soft tissues of the body to perform at their optimum level.

 Who Benefits from Massage Therapy?
EVERYONE– massage therapy is a great way to prevent injury and maintain a healthy body. Here at More to Life we focus on one’s total body wellness, not just pain relief. We believe that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself. By removing the interference that stressors inflict on the body we return that healing ability back to the body.

Massage Therapists are soft tissue specialists. We concentrate our efforts on improving one’s soft tissue health. Thus here at More to Life we massage those who wish to improve or maintain their wellness, those with injuries (RSI’s, sprains and strains etc), chronic pain, low back pain, sciatica, and so much more.

 Perinatal Massage Therapy
More to Life has a special focus on perinatal massage as well. This includes massage for pregnancy, post-partum and labour and delivery massage. We also teach parents to massage their infants and young children.

 Did you know you may be covered for massage Therapy?
Massage therapy is a well known form of alternative healthcare. Many insurance companies are including massage therapy in their extended health plans. Massage Therapy is a drug-less form of healthcare which addresses the cause of pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility. Not the symptoms. You may be covered.

 Myofascial Release
What is fascia?
Fascia is a thin sheath-like layer of connective tissue that surrounds everything in the body creating a 3 dimensional, interconnecting suit of the body. Injury, trauma and/or years of improper posture can cause the fascial layers to become sticky causing the layers to adhere to one another. When the fascial layers stick together they pull parts of the body out of alignment. This causes the other soft tissues to compensate resulting in increased pain and decreased range of motion.

More to Life massage therapists can realign the fascia properly by using a dry massage technique resulting in better posture and less pain..

 Our Workshops
Here at More to Life Massage Therapy we offer educational courses to the public including partners relaxation massage, youth massage and infant massage. Check out the community events calendar on for the next set of workshops. We also run yoga classes periodically. For more information about workshops or yoga give us a call at 549-LIFE.

Massage Therapy Fees
1 hour $70.00 + GST
1/2 hour $45.00 + GST
3/4 hour $52.00 + GST
1.5 hours $100.00 + GST
1.25 hours $85.00 + GST

More to Life More To Life Massage Therapy
726 Princess St. · Suite 202
Kingston, Ontario · K7L 1G2
Tel: (613) 549-LIFE (5433)
More to Life

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